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AvtoVaz does not suffer from Western sanctions against Russia

Implementation of Western sanctions against several Russian companies does not have a negative effect on AvtoVaz activity.

26.Aug.14 3:21 PM
By Anna Repina


AvtoVaz does not suffer from Western sanctions against Russia
The President of the Company Boo Anderson is sure that policy of sanctions towards several Russian companies will not have a negative effect on operation of AvtoVaz even taking into consideration the fact that it cooperates with Renault and Nissan companies. The overall amount of investments in production will be 100 billion rubles during the next two years.

“The main advantage of AvtoVaz in such situation is the fact that it produces 81% of spare parts and hardware for autos which are manufactured on the territory of Russian federation”, - Boo Anderson shares his opinion during the opening ceremony of new Lada dealer center in Argun, Chechen Republic.

More than 750 different autos are produced by Russian industrial giant within cooperation with Renault and Nissan. Moreover the company is planning to increase monthly volume of Lada autos production.  

It should be noted that official website of the company spread information about possible reduction of employers as well as industry by 25% starting from September 2014. This was due to low demand level in Russia. Employers will spend this period usefully learning new technologies. This will improve the overall quality of manufactured cars and other products.

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