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9 European countries are against any sanctions towards Russian Federation

Implementation of sanctions is possible only if all EU 28 countries will agree to take such measures.

17.Jul.14 10:17 AM
By Mikhail Prygunov


9 European countries are against any sanctions towards Russian Federation
Summit of EU has taken place on the 16th of July 2014. 9 European countries are against any kind of economic sanctions towards Russian Federation. This information was provided by ITAR-TASS with the help of their own source in diplomatic society.

These countries include Germany, France, Luxemburg, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Slovenia and Italy. Representatives of all these European countries see no point in implementing any economic sanctions against Russia. They will be against such drastic measures. The only condition for sanctions to come into force is that all 28 countries will support this resolution. In other words every country has a right to vote for or against.

European countries a worrying that all these sanctions against Russia can do a lot of harm to their own economic situations. Some people think that such measures help the United States to strengthen its own position on the world market. It means the USA is trying to fore European countries by all means to implement these sanctions. At the same time it will mean less profitable agreements and cooperation for EU countries.

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