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EU isn't happy with a free speech on Twitter
05.Dec.22 9:11 AM | 42

Thierry Breton insists, that the platform should 'continue to comply'

Yandex wants to split business, keep Russian and worldwide operations separate
28.Nov.22 9:01 AM | 100

In an attempt to preserve the company's market positions in Russia and conquer some new territories Yandex is about to split

PocketOption Application is an easy and safe way to try active investment
24.Nov.22 6:44 AM | 103

PocketOption Application - your way to the investment world

Qatar World Cup and the dangers of technology
21.Nov.22 7:11 AM | 100

Please be warned: Qatar monitors the fans and have some laws and rules uncommon for the visitors

Biden keeps grip on Senate, loses House of Representatives
14.Nov.22 8:44 AM | 147

Slim majority in Senate, it seems that it is all the victories for now

Meta, Facebook to fire thousands, financial results are disappointing
07.Nov.22 7:56 AM | 146

Tech shares are deflating and the companies need to shrink to some realistic levels

Musk comes up with the new censorship idea
31.Oct.22 8:41 AM | 142

Total liberty was rather short-lived

Steam gaming service breaks own record
24.Oct.22 12:05 PM | 115

More that 30 million people were playing online on Sunday

Meta curbs optimism: target for monthly registration for VR is halved
17.Oct.22 8:29 AM | 262

Let's hope it will fail miserably

New sanctions against China are meant to delay the inevitable
10.Oct.22 4:37 PM | 179

China will conquer the microelectronics, volens/nolens

China is dominating blockchain apps
03.Oct.22 7:48 AM | 153

Despite the government stance, the apps are growing in popularity

Apple moves some of the iPhone production to India
26.Sep.22 8:02 AM | 210

Lockdowns and politics forced Apple to travel

Youtube users are force-fed with advertisement
19.Sep.22 11:38 AM | 162

Time to block the ads or by a chicken and pay for Premium subscription

China drills hole in Moon and discovers rare energy source
12.Sep.22 9:35 AM | 235

He3 was found in the lunar crust

NASA postpones launch of SLS rocket for a second time
05.Sep.22 8:21 AM | 246

Troubled project is meant to prove the US leadership

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