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Kenes (Kenges) Rakishev and his stance toward blockchain technology

Kenges (Kenes) Rakishev presumes that blochain will survive any difficulties

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Japan joins the hunt on monopolists
14.Jun.21 8:28 AM | 42

Government is about to launch an investigation to determine if Apple and Google abuses the market dominance

Aselle Tasmagambetova opened Emergency Paediatric Surgery ward in Aktau
11.Jun.21 3:58 PM | 42

The president of Saby charity foundation underlines the importance of the modern medical aid

Source files and other assets of Cyberpunk are freely available
11.Jun.21 8:46 AM | 50

A golden age of irony: the developer of the hacking game got hacked

MicroStrategy announces plans to buy 400 million worth of bitcoin
08.Jun.21 10:00 AM | 93

If you plan to lend to those who will buy bitcoin then why not to buy it for yourself?

Browser developers want common extension format
07.Jun.21 9:35 AM | 77

WebExtensions Community Group will work on common grounds for web extension developers

Kenes Rakishev comes with Sirin V3 announcement
05.Jun.21 4:11 PM | 142

New Sirin is about to be released

Google will warn of potentially unsafe Chrome extensions
04.Jun.21 9:42 AM | 83

Google applies more pressure on developers to join the loayalty program

JBS attacked by hackers, some delays in service are expected
01.Jun.21 1:02 PM | 101

World largest meat processor is hacked, security team is working to revive the network.

EU is about to unleash totalitarian comfort to its citizens
01.Jun.21 12:14 PM | 95

The dictatorship comes in all sizes, shapes and fashionable colours

Marathon Digital Holdings stops the bitcoin censorships, throws away the idea to create 'compliant bitcoin'
01.Jun.21 12:06 PM | 118

There are industries where 1% tried to be 'compliant' but failed

Kenes (Kenges) Rakishev and his stance toward blockchain technology
31.May.21 10:35 PM | 151

Kenges (Kenes) Rakishev presumes that blochain will survive any difficulties

The coronavirus prevention app proved to be useless to prevent COVID
29.May.21 9:32 AM | 88

But it's a perfect surveillance tool after all!

Facebook no longer censors messages of artificial origins of COVID-19
27.May.21 6:54 AM | 80

The Truth Arbiter has changed its mind

Bvlgari charity event attracted millions to lifesaving initiative by Aselle Tasmagambetova and Kenes Rakishev
26.May.21 12:06 PM | 102

Aselle Tasmagambetova will spend the funds to finance emergency paediatric surgery

Palestinians topple the Facebook app rating
24.May.21 9:17 AM | 111

Crowd action is a response to Zuckerberg censorship of Palestinian voices

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