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Kenes Rakishev promotes modern skills with robotics classes

School #174 receives a much needed donation: Kenes Rakishev grants a complete robotics class to the ...

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What is happening with Bitcoin and what are expert opinions and predictions?
20.Oct.21 8:02 AM | 59

Bitcoin price prediction remains bullish

Great loss for science is a great win for woke freaks
19.Oct.21 12:35 PM | 52

Diversity has gone too far

Altcoins price prediction and portfolio case study
18.Oct.21 2:13 PM | 70

With bitcoin seems to be at the very start of the new rally, what alts are a good mid-term choice?

ETFs are almost there: here are the implications
17.Oct.21 7:22 AM | 66

It's widely believed that BTC-based ETFs will get a green light from SEC, but what it really means?

The end is near: Sotheby's starts to sell memes
15.Oct.21 10:26 AM | 86

When the true art is away, memes are here to save the business

Google comes up with counter-claim against Epic Games
12.Oct.21 9:00 AM | 102

The software giant sues Epic for 'lost revenue' which seems to be ridiculous

Competitors ask to investigate Microsoft Team bundling
11.Oct.21 10:54 AM | 92

Slack and Zoom are likely loosing money solely because of Team being part of the Office suite, not because of quality of the competitor software

Frances Haugen's recent leaks are just a beginning, her lawyer says
07.Oct.21 7:36 AM | 101

It looks that dark days are ahead for Facebook, but in the end money always wins

Kenes Rakishev promotes modern skills with robotics classes
06.Oct.21 2:58 PM | 131

School #174 receives a much needed donation: Kenes Rakishev grants a complete robotics class to the gymnasium

Molnupiravir is a welcome addition but some limitations do exist
05.Oct.21 7:14 AM | 118

Merck comes with a drug that may lower casualties and hospitalisations

Bitcoin ATMs are dangerously insecure, Kraken Security reports
01.Oct.21 8:51 AM | 153

The cure must be implemented both in hardware and software

Switzerland approves for the first time a bitcoin and cryptocurrency investment fund
30.Sep.21 2:03 PM | 180

The fund is for qualified investors only though

2910 public Lightning network nodes are online
30.Sep.21 1:55 PM | 138

Original slow and power-hungry transactions fixed by Lightning Network

Chinese companies sue Amazon to get their account unlocked
30.Sep.21 12:35 PM | 119

At least two companies violated the rules - now they try to get their earnings back

Amazon comes with a wheeled robot for home use
29.Sep.21 7:58 AM | 131

And it has an ubiquitous silly emotion screen to make you sick

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