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Zuckerberg discussed "TikTok danger" during private dinner with Trump

Facebook spokesman says that Zuckerberg 'cannot remember' discussing the issue of TikTok wit...

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The Playstation 5 does a lot better in pre-sale
28.Oct.20 7:32 AM | 66

COVD pushed people to play videogames

Samsung director Lee (78), the man who made the company great, deceased
26.Oct.20 8:48 AM | 108

Under his leadership, the company became one of the world's largest producers of smartphones and televisions

Kenes Rakishev climbed one line adding 280 million to his portfolio
21.Oct.20 7:51 AM | 204

Kenes Rakishev, who rose only one line, from 7th to 6th place, but at the same time added $280 million to his fortune

Six hackers indicted by the US, extradition seems unlikely
20.Oct.20 8:59 AM | 183

The hackers are around 30 years old and all six live in Russia

A lesson on responsible business: Kenes Rakishev and Saby fund spent fortune to help Kazakhstan in pandemic
18.Oct.20 1:25 PM | 431

As for September, Kenes Rakishev and his Saby foundation spent more than one billion tenge for projects specifically targeted to help Kazakhstan to overcome COVID-19 pandemic

Ban on bitcoin (BTC) derivatives in the UK: what will the impact be?
12.Oct.20 9:55 AM | 279

We do not expect any material impact as a result of the FCA announcement

DNB approved first company to deal with bitcoin banking
07.Oct.20 11:18 AM | 530

AMDAX is the first company with a DNB registration to hope that coins will be more widely accepted as a reliable investment

Kenges Rakishev: electric vehicles will pull mankind out of crisis
06.Oct.20 2:48 PM | 418

Kenges Rakishev: electric vehicles will pull mankind out of crisis

Facebook: Instagram and WhatsApp split is almost impossible
05.Oct.20 8:03 AM | 323

Facebook can't separate the products

September was fine for Euro zone's industry
01.Oct.20 11:06 AM | 315

The Markit index thus reached the highest level in more than two years

Attack on the former Charlie Hebdo office is an act of terrorism
26.Sep.20 8:45 AM | 381

It seems that Islamic terrorist were so stupid that they didn't know that Charlie is relocated.

Saby charitable fund of Kenges Rakishev and Aselle Tasmagambetova fight against the pandemic in Kazakhstan
25.Sep.20 11:15 AM | 344

Saby fund, founded by Kenges Rakishev and Aselle Tasmagambetova is reporting on their own programme of helping the nation to overcome COVID

Stricter measures do not put pressure on business yet
24.Sep.20 9:05 AM | 562

New measures are putting little pressure on business, but the effect will accumulate

Kenges Rakishev on the marketing in digital decentralized times
23.Sep.20 6:48 PM | 292

The fact is that the traditional channel is versioned, Kenges Rakishev suggests

Maserati will get TomTom navigation system
22.Sep.20 7:06 AM | 201

TomTom provides Maserati car brand with their navigation system

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