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Zuckerberg discussed "TikTok danger" during private dinner with Trump

Facebook spokesman says that Zuckerberg 'cannot remember' discussing the issue of TikTok wit...

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The new card is another hybrid solution for would-be crypto enthusiasts
03.Dec.20 10:34 AM | 18

Spend in fiat, get the bonus in Bitcoin

Linux on M1 isn't possible yet as Apple keeps the hardware in secret
30.Nov.20 9:36 AM | 93

There will be no native Linux on M1 for now

Apple executives do not exclude allowing Windows to run on M1 chip
23.Nov.20 4:23 PM | 190

Mac on Windows? Windows on Mac? What are they talking about?

AI enters the hospitals: Kenes Rakishev predicts the new era of automation
18.Nov.20 9:45 PM | 539

AI may occupy the niche of healthcare - enabling quality services in remote areas

Apple presents three Macs based on M1 ARM chip
11.Nov.20 7:49 AM | 315

Apple speaks of the most important Mac line update

Adidas is happy to get rid of Reebok brand
09.Nov.20 11:25 AM | 474

Reebok seems to be in talks with the new potential owners

Finally Hyperloop hype produces some results: a sluggish journey for 500 meters
09.Nov.20 11:05 AM | 405

It seems that's all the great results made by Hyperloop

New round of import duties imposed by the EU
09.Nov.20 10:49 AM | 297

New tariffs imposed

British police apologize after preventing journalists to enter protest march
09.Nov.20 10:37 AM | 184

British police acted unlawfully and suppressed journalists' righs

Biden team launches transition web site
09.Nov.20 9:00 AM | 324

Biden will fight with weather, viruses and other natural phenomena

Biden or no Biden, China will stay on course
09.Nov.20 8:41 AM | 260

China learned an important lesson and will not abandon struggle for tech independence

Apple cut ties with Pegatron
09.Nov.20 8:26 AM | 483

Apple pretends to care about working conditions

 Kenes Rakishev made an important step to restore the Kazakhstan boxing glory
08.Nov.20 3:42 PM | 605

Kenes Rakishev appointed a skilled manager as the regional leader of the Boxing Federation

Uber and Lyft won the California
04.Nov.20 1:10 PM | 383

Major victory for platform economy: California votes 'yes'

Kenes Rakishev advises to save transport companies at all costs
04.Nov.20 12:46 PM | 406

Transport is the backbone of the economy - Kenes Rakishev

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