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Zuckerberg discussed "TikTok danger" during private dinner with Trump

Facebook spokesman says that Zuckerberg 'cannot remember' discussing the issue of TikTok wit...

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Aselle Tasmagambetova becomes honorary citizen of Semey for charity involvement of her and Kenges Rakishev fund
16.Sep.20 10:59 AM | 99

During the pandemic, the city's doctors were repeatedly provided with assistance in the form of free testing for coronavirus, protective clothing and eye-wear.

Wolters Kluwer takes over XCM Solutions
14.Sep.20 8:04 AM | 145

Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting has been working with XCM since 2006

#Shokanschool: Aselle Tasmagambetova and Kenes Rakishev opened unique private school in Almaty
09.Sep.20 1:46 PM | 229

It is the perfect place to learn: the school sports 45 classes, 25 groups of interests, recreation zone, concert hall and extensive library.

Experts wait for 9600 to come
07.Sep.20 10:48 AM | 270

As we enter the new week, we can see more volatility than previous weeks, and the battle for $10,000 can erupt again.

Chinese brands control over 64 percent of earbuds' market
29.Aug.20 8:31 AM | 288

Chinese brands are gradually taking over the wireless earpiece market

Shinzo Abe resigns without landmarks achieved
28.Aug.20 2:46 PM | 214

No territorial disputes solved

Sergey Kartashov: How to choose an IT startup to invest in it
27.Aug.20 4:25 PM | 387

Sergey Kartasov (Sergejs Kartasovs) told how not to get lost in the ocean of IT start-up projects and choose the ones worthy to invest in them

Fortnite-maker gets vocal support from Microsoft against Apple
25.Aug.20 8:38 AM | 262

Microsoft fears that the battle between Apple and Epic will affect the entire game industry

Zuckerberg discussed "TikTok danger" during private dinner with Trump
25.Aug.20 8:31 AM | 386

Facebook spokesman says that Zuckerberg 'cannot remember' discussing the issue of TikTok with Trump

Microsoft Windows turns 25
25.Aug.20 8:26 AM | 167

Windows 95 was the successor to Windows 3.11 and represented a major step forward for Microsoft

MS Flight Sim will trigger an avalanche of hardware upgrades
24.Aug.20 11:03 PM | 125

Research Agency Jon Peddie Research believes that Flight Simulator will be a reason for many people to upgrade their hardware

Kenes Rakishev company, Net Element, clarifies the merger protocol to shareholders
24.Aug.20 7:08 PM | 260

Net Element is finalizing the merger agreement with Mullen Technologies

WikiLeaks 'probably knew' that it helps Russians
19.Aug.20 11:01 AM | 301

WikiLeaks 'probably knew' it was helping the Russian intelligence services, according to the Senate committee

Probable World highest temperature record set in Death Valley, CA
17.Aug.20 7:56 AM | 129

On Sunday at 3: 41 p.m. the 54.5C degrees were recorded in Death Valley

Kenes Rakishev company, Net Element, goes merger with Mullen
06.Aug.20 6:17 PM | 321

Execution of a definitive agreement to merge with Mullen announced

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